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Emergency Prepardness

We can prepare ourselves to respond to an emergency. AssurOnce can assist rescuers with finding you if you are ever lost or trapped during a natural disaster or emergency.

Strict immigration policies have led to displacement of some of the immigrant population in this country. There are even situations where US born citizens have been mistaken for illegal immigrants and detained dispite have the proper documentation. AssurOnce can help displaced families and wrongfully detained citizens reconnect with friends and loved ones.

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Nurses & Medical Professional’s

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 Everyone for Personal Safety!

AssurOnce Personal Safety App transmits live streaming video and GPS data when threatening or potentially dangerous situations are encountered, directly to your own circle of trusted safety contacts.

Audio / Video "Alert" Recording

The AssurOnce app will record (audio and video) up to 10 minutes after an emergency alert is activated. Recordings automatically transmit directly to the user's life line's and recordings are accessible for future use by the users.

Life Lines

Each User can input up to 5 personalized life lines into the app. Life lines are the trusted individuals relied upon to provide assistance when the user needs help.

Personal message

Send instant "alert message" in AssurOnce for an unexpected emergency and have it automatically relayed to the team that can expedite the release process.

GPS Locator

When the user activates an emergency alert, the AssurOnce app utilizes GPS technology to identify their precise location. This information is sent to the user’s life lines, enabling them to know their specific whereabouts.


With a single push AssurOnce can immediately relay the location and personal message to a preselected attorney, bail bond company, and personal life line via text message and email.

Cloud Storage

Your video and data is stored in the cloud. So if anything happen to your phone. AssurOnce got you covered.



help campuses stay in compliance with the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act. AssurOnce is the perfect fit as part of a freshman year student’s tool kit.
Yes. AssurOnce will temporatily use storage on your device to save audio / video recordings and then "immediately" delete files from your device once content is safely stored in cloud.
AssurOnce is a free download.
AssurOnce will work on Android and iOS Apple mobile devices including iPhones.
Since you want at least one life line, plus a backup, you must select at least 2, but no more than 5 life lines.